Physicians who desire a CA Medical License are faced with two options.

Option 1: Hire our firm to handle this process for you, a firm that has helped license thousands of Physicians during our 20 years in business. With our firm, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • A 2-3 month process that will be stress free, simple, easy, mindless and nearly effortless.

Option 2: Apply for the CA license on your own. On your own, you’ll be faced with the following:

  • A 6-12 month process that will be time consuming, complicated and frustrating to say the least.
  • A small mountain of paperwork, documentation, forms, requests, background checks, etc...
  • Countless phone calls and emails coming from and going to multiple different people and places.
  • A maddening amount of searching, researching, tracking, tracing, follow ups, etc...
  • An enormous amount of doubt, guesswork and unanswered questions, that will cause you lots of stress and anxiety, from the very beginning of the process until the very end.

If you are like most of our clients, once you look at this process in this way, you’ll quickly make the easy and obvious business decision to invest in our services. If you’d like to take advantage of our very valuable services,

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(Disclaimer: Our Services include handling the paperwork for you. Fees are listed just to the right in our Highlights, our fees being $850 or $600, CA Med Board fees being $1299 or $907.50 . We are not affiliated with the CA Medical Board. Physicians can choose to apply for their license on their own.)

Look at these unsolicited “Thank You” e-mails from some of your colleagues:

Dr. Beth Belkin - CA license number: 128951
Wow! Thank you Danielle! Couldn’t have managed it without you!

Dr. Rene Limjoco - CA license number: 129279
Thanks Danielle! You helped make it much easier than I expected.

Dr. Reshma Kerkar - CA license number: 56010
(licensed in less than 2 months)
Thank you for assisting me with my CA license. I will definitely contact you if I need assistance with any other state licenses.

Dr. Don Fineberg - CA license number: 127632
(licensed in less than 3 months)
Dear Danielle, I appreciate your help not only because you kept me up to date on the status of my application, but because you were easy to work with.

Dr. Taylor Strait - CA license number: 129922
(licensed in less than 3 months)
Thank you so much for the assistance! The service you all provide is well worth the investment.

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Why hire California Med?
I, Michele Bertoldi, President and owner, know the Physician licensure process like no other person in the U.S. My knowledge, expertise and 20 years of experience are second to none when it comes to obtaining a Medical License from the California Medical Board / Medical Board of California. With our "hands on" approach and years of experience, you will also obtain a license in the shortest possible time.

In short, we’re going to do just about everything for you in hopes that we make this process as effortless and mindless for you as possible. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Type and prepare the ENTIRE application along with all of the forms, requests, etc...
  • Prepare you a detailed checklist of required supporting documents that must accompany your application for licensure to the California Medical Board / Medical Board of California.
  • Provide you with valuable assistance and advice on how to handle any "special issues" associated with your application for licensure.
  • Maintain constant contact with the California Medical Board / Medical Board of California on your behalf.
  • Keep you informed and updated as to the status of your application.
  • Request and follow up on all of the 3rd party supporting documents that need to be sent directly to the California Medical Board / Medical Board of California.
  • After official Board approval, we will continue necessary follow up until license number is issued.

How do I get started?
Just email or fax us your CV and we'll start the process for you immediately. Be sure to call us afterwards to verify that we received your CV or call us if you have any questions.

Phone: 850 325-1400
Fax: 850 877-6417

What is the fee for your service?
Practicing Physicians - $850
Residents and Fellows - $600
(checks, money orders and major credit cards accepted)

What are the fees payable to the California Medical Board
/ Medical Board of California?

$1299 – application/license fee for practicing Physicians
$907.50 – application/license fee for Residents and Fellows

When do I pay?
California Med does not require any payment to start the process for you. Simply email or fax us your CV and we’ll get to work immediately on your application for licensure.

How long will the process take?
Typically the process will take anywhere from 3-6 months. This of course varies from doctor to doctor and greatly depends on your background and complexity of your application. Call or e-mail us today to take advantage of our services or if you have any additional questions. You will find our staff to be efficient, knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, hard working. Let us help you make this important step in your career an easy one! Call us today - you'll be glad you did!


Time is money! California Med will save you both.

California Medical Licensing Service, Inc.

Phone: 850 325-1400
Fax: 850 877-6417

How do I get started?
Fax or e-mail us your CV

Fee for our services?
$850 for Practicing Physicians
$600 for Residents and Fellows

Fees for the license:
$1299 – CA fee for practicing Physicians
$907.50 – CA fee for Residents and Fellows